Company Info

Founded in 2017, Meraki Studio is a small group of creative artists based in Toronto. We are a team of passionate, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative designers. We embrace challenges with an open heart and strive to develop high quality and innovative solutions.

We provide a wide range of creative services and business administrative solutions. Our expertise includes branding, logo design, graphic design, illustration, packaging, publication, and website design. We also provide photography, videography, as well as production editing services.

We value our clients and put in our best effort to ensure perfection in all of our work throughout the project.

Our Name

The name “Meraki” (pronounced as [may-rah-kee]) is a Greek word meaning “the essence of one’s creativity, soul, or love put into a work of art or design.” Hence, “creativity” and “soul” become our fundamental qualities that profile our corporate value and our enthusiasm.

To further elaborate on the keywords of “creativity” and “soul”, Meraki Studio is founded upon the inheritance of a personal branding identity known as “CloudsCreative”, which was established in 2012. The name is composed of two words, “cloud (or cloud’s) ” and “creative”. The word “cloud” carries a connotative pun to mean “soul”, in which both words share the same pronunciation in Cantonese.

Our Mission

As suggested and signified by the meaning of our company name, Meraki, our mission is to incorporate our creativity and soul into our project, shown not only on the final work outcome but also throughout the entire process.

Our philosophy is to bring creative ideas in our work, infused with our essence (or our soul), to provide the best and most memorable user experience. This is our attitude towards every project we work on.

We believe in giving back to the community. We are a socially responsible company that sponsors numerous charities in Toronto.